We were inspired by people who didn’t have access to important info on the internet. Ubique is an attempt to help out those people who aren’t lucky enough to have reliable or consistent access to the internet.

Personally, the wifi where I live gets cut off at 11:30pm, so I needed a solution that would allow me to access info offline.

What it does

Gives you access to important information such as Wikipedia, anywhere!

How we built it

Technology used: Flask (backend) External hard drive Router (MacBook) DNS server (dnsmasq)

We used a MacBook Pro which sends out a local wifi network. The Flask backend is also running on the MacBook, which serves the offline data. Devices that connect to the local wifi network can access the Flask server and see the offline info hosted there.

Challenges we ran into

We had to scrap the original React Native interface for something simpler late into the project. We had issues with downloading and parsing books and wikipedia data

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We learned how to adapt under stress, as our React Native interface was not working at first. We learned how to build and adapt, only implementing the important and key features while scraping the unnecessary ones.

What we learned

How to work under stress How to work with multiple people on the same project Working with large amounts of data (the entirety of Simple Wikipedia downloaded)

What's next for Ubique

Adding more services to Ubique, like videos, music and maps. Improving the UI to be more user-friendly. Use a framework like React Native to improve code maintainability.

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