• 266.073 confirmed cases
  • 11.184 deaths
  • 182 affected
  • 627 deaths in just one day in Italy

Life is currently on hold! However, there is something we can do, a cold hard necessity, isolation and social distancing.

Easier said than done.

We still have the right though to go out on emergent cases, such as for buying food or medicine. This is the time where we are exposed to getting infected and be the transmitter of the virus to any other person, we’ll have contact with.

ubiQ-health passport

If looks and identity where the first features that introduced us in the society, now is an impeccable investigation that tries to prove if we are a COVID-19 positive or not.


Let’s make this information transparent and available to anyone.

Our health is a simple series of events, ordered chronologically. A health ledger would be a database of these events.

Ubique health passport would be the health id, able to prove in an accurate and most importantly, 100% reliable way, somebody’s health history.

What’s even more interesting, is that this somebody would be in charge and the owner of her own data!

With such a powerful card in hand, we can transparently identify COVID-19 cases and take the needed precautions.

How does this work (story case)

Please consider the diagram from the top of the article.

Michael W. whishes to visit his relatives from another district/region.

Michael was not exposed to the virus and he owns a ubique health pass. Initially, his ledger is empty. By using the distributed health ledger Michael hopes that he can travel to his relatives who live in the next region.

Each region has its own rules and health check is pretty high on the list. A specialized staff of the destination region proves Michaels’s Ledger pass and because the ledger is empty (and no information is available) they recommend avoiding traveling in order to avoid any risk.

Unfortunately, Michael gets exposed to the COVID-19 and starts to fell ill. He contacts a medical specialist, gets tested and confirmed COVID-19 positive. Both parties agree upon the information exchange and the new health results are documented in Michael’s distributed health ledger. The medical representative digitally signs the health ledger entry. This action makes his decision verifiable and traceable.

Michael is advised to self-quarantine himself and focus on his recovery.

11 days later, Michael starts to feel better. After the routine visit, the medical specialist confirms Michael’s virus recovery by adding it as an event in his health pass.

Now Michael can visit his relatives and he is able to prove its health history in an accurate and 100% reliable way.


What did Michael teach us? First, leave the house only for emergent reasons.

  • Michael (the user) owns his data and has full control of it
  • His health history is 100% accurate and reliable
  • Other parties can make use of his information, just for a limited amount of time and with his acknowledgment
  • This solution supports a high degree of automation

Things to notice

  • This solution can be implemented in different devices, from smartphones to dedicated or embedded devices
  • Michael (the user) owns his data but cannot alter them as he wishes. The events must be digitally signed by competent parties.
  • !Nobody! owns the ledger and nobody can influence or control its behavior.


  • The above-described scenario is purposefully focused on COVID-19, from obvious reason but its scope can be easily extended.
  • The solution can serve a large number of users.
  • The solution can be limited to a region/country but in the same way, you can use it across borders. The solution can be implemented respecting GDPR compliance


We deal with personal information and from these reasons data security plays a big role to us. The proposed solution is integrable with most of the security solution. More due to its transparent data policy, fraud detection can be integrated as well.


Please refer to the GitHub link below for a complete description of the prototype and its functionality. Have a look here to see our prototype in action.

Try it out

Our prototype runs on the ropsten ethereum test network. To try it out make sure to go through the following steps:

  1. Install http://metamask.io and create an account.
  2. Set your network to the ropsten test network.
  3. Get yourself some ropsten ether
  4. Have fun with our prototype

Smart Contract

If you want to have a look where we deployed our contract search no further than here

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