Ubility was inspired by team member Katherine's struggle maneuvering around ever since she got a boot for her broken ankle. She noticed how difficult it was to walk around buildings to find their elevators and struggled even to enter them when their accommodations weren't as advertised to those who were motion disabled.

What it does

Ubility brings ratings and reviews to the disabled community! Search for local establishments and get feedback from those with similar struggles. At a glance, view our icons to discover the accessible features of your desired location.

How we built it

Completely implemented with Google SDK, HTML, CSS, and javascript code. You can search, rate and review!

Challenges we ran into

It was particularly challenging to get an up and running website, especially one that used the Google API's. Learning how to use multiple hidden functions within an HTML website was also a challenge. All of it was well worth the result!

What we learned

All members had the experience of meeting with other people from a different school and at different learning levels. There was a lot learned about Google's interfaces, Domain use and the building of a website.

What's next for Ubility

Ubility's barebones are ready for use. All that's left is the need for users to report and the larger implementation to surrounding establishments. All that's left is the userbase!

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