Not all people use smartphone, the elderly people need a way to communicate with their family or to the hospital in case of an emergency.

What it does

GPS tracker which they can use like a neckless or bracelet with 3 modes.

the first mode will send an alert if they fall. the second mode, in their smartphone you can setup a geofence if your mom goes out of this geofence or if they enter the geofence. the third you can always track them no matter where they go.

How I built it

We are building the app where you can add more than 1 people in your tracker.

Challenges I ran into

we want to produce the hardware in México, and we are looking for partners to do it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we interview elderly people to get our validation.We will able to help families in which not all of them know technology but still can use this kind of technology to keep them safe.

What I learned

Not all is about technology, is about how we use to accomplish the objectives.

What's next for Ubica Hub

we are working to determine which hardware to use and start testing with our app.

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