We use ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft to go from one place to another. As students we tend to save costs and take advantage of ride sharing services within these apps like ‘Uber Pool’ and ‘Lyft shared’. These rides come out to be quite cheaper than their counterpart UberX. This works by matching passengers with other riders heading in the same direction. But even then these ride sharing services often have surge during peak hours or bad weather making them unaffordable. We aim to solve this problem by creating a service which will act as a layer on top of Uber’s application. This website will help you find riders going in the same direction to have a common meeting point. This way you can call UberX for a cheaper price by effectively getting rid of the fixed cost, and be able to split the cost by the number of people joining your ride without compromising on time. Similarly for Uber pool you can find another person to share the ride with and be able to approximately split the cost by two. This allows people to save on transportation costs.

Team Members: Atharva, Parth, Imran

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