Ride sharing is become more and more popular, but there are still people out there that refuses the service. Due to the fear of catching a ride from a complete stranger, it becomes a major turnoff for some people. Our inspiration for this project is to augment the ride sharing service with a safety as our priority.

What it does

Book Uber rides with a peace of mind. Our app's main objective is to allow user to use a buddy system that will notify his/her buddies on where and when he/she will arrive on the agreed destination.

How I built it

We build the backend with node.js using the express framework. Our frontend is designed with angular.js coupled with css and html5. The framework we chose for the frontend is boostrap. We also featured the Uber API heavily to query and retrieve data from the Uber database.

Challenges I ran into

Majority of our group (4 of us) are first time hack-a-thon'ers, so we were learning as we were building our application. The hard part for most of us is that we don't have much web development skills/experience. We also had a hard time getting Oauth verification going with our web application because it was pretty tricky using unfamiliar tools to connect all the components together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were also to stick to our original goal of delivering the basic functionality of our application, which was to send notifications to your contact list using the Uber API. We also worked well together as a team, as each team member contributed tremendously to the project. We split the workloads into different pieces, mainly frontend and backend, and tackled each of the tasks by selecting the most suited member of the group to do so.

What I learned

Hack-a-thon is a very fun and rewarding experience. You are forced to think and find a solution to an interesting problem with limited resources, mainly time. You quickly find out how much you find push yourself during crunch time and how far team work can carry you with like-minded people.

What's next for Ride Guardians

Ultimately we would like to use the Uber app as our build foundation, and augment that with our idea of a buddy system by query Uber data via the Uber API. What we mean by that is that in our current project, we mainly rebuild the Uber app's basic functionalities of searching and booking for rides via your current location, and from there we are able to add our idea in building a contact list of buddies, and periodically sending them notifications of where you are in your ride sharing process. If we just let Uber app do the front end part of finding and booking rides, then we can focus more on building a safety system who's main focus is on the safety aspect, meaning a more robust user interface/experience on building and sharing with a buddy system.

There are also various aspect of the application we want to focus on, mainly polishing the app to make it a lot more presentable. Sending people notification via. text instead of emails (and also include attachment feature since as images). Create a portable application version. Etc.

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