Eighteen Thousand Deaths! That's 18 followed by three zeroes! That's the number of deaths from overdose of Rx Opioid Pain Relievers that occurred in the United States, according to the statistics found in http://www.drugabuse.gov/related-topics/trends-statistics/overdose-death-rates From 2001 to 2013 there was a 3-fold increase in the total number of deaths.

Überdosis stands for "Overdose" in german.

Überdosis is a computer software that is targeted towards people who use illicit opioids such as heroin, and among those who misuse medications prescribed for pain. This software solution helps people understand what to do if a family member or friend overdoses on heroin or opioid pain medications.

Überdosis is created keeping in mind that there are multiple mobile platforms. This software targets each and every one of them. It provides a web-platform and mobile platforms all-in-one solution. It targets Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Windows Phone etc.

Überdosis tries to use the information on opioid overdose prevention in the SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Toolkit section and Five Essential Steps for First Responders. It also includes the assets included in the Opioid Overdose Prevention Asset file.

It is developed with the intention of providing finger-tips information to friends, family, and caregivers of people using opioids, and people concerned about someone at risk for overdose.

The SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Toolkit section has been included in "Additional Information".

The Five Essential Steps for First Responders have been included as tabbed option from the "Home" screen.

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