Uber Pac Man is played using the streets of Hawaii as the maze. Pac Man and Ghosts are the riders of Uber. Pac Man travels to a destination trying to avoid Ghosts traveling to their destination. If a ghost pass Pac Man, Pac Man "dies" and the roles are reversed. Pac Man has the opportunity to eat the ghost by powering up by passing gas stations.

Uber Pac Man is a registered game through the Uber app, so points are accumulable. Pac Man increases points by eating Ghosts and passing by cafes. Ghosts get points by eating Pac Man and a point per second for the duration of play time.

Uber Pac Man is built using Uber's OAuth and ride request, Google Maps API, Meteor, Iron Router, SASS, and Geolocation

The biggest challenge for the team was getting an understanding of Uber API and implementation.

Personally, I am most proud of changing traditional Google Markers to variety of fruits. As a team member, I'm most proud of how productive we are, the constant communication, and the ability to be flexible to reach the goal of a functional game.

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