This android application allows programmers to connect with other programmers to discuss programming related problems and solutions.


Programmers go through many struggles throughout their careers. Syntax and logical errors can be difficult to solve taking up precious time and energy. The inspiration for this android application was to help make programming easier for fellow hackers. By creating an android application that runs similar to "Uber", coders can contact fellow programmers who know the same language as them to help them solve their programming errors.

What it does

In the beginning, the user creates an account that for the app. As they are making the account, they are asked about their current programming knowledge, which will be stored. Once their knowledge has been determine the user will then be able to communicate with other users who are using the app, and filter them out based on what languages they know.

How I built it

The entire app was built on android studio. Android studio is an app developing software, that incorporates Java. Within android studio, I utilized the "SMS" api and the SQLite database.

Challenges I ran into

One major challenge that I ran into was the reading of data from the Database. This was very difficult because of the syntax required for this. It took a lot of experimentation and work with mentors in order to make the program read and display the information stored on the database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One accomplishment that I am very proud of is the way I utilized databases in my app. The databases were successfully able to store the data permanently, with the option of inserting and reading information at anytime.

Another thing I am very proud of is the "login screen" portion of the app. Out of the 36 hours, I had spent 12 hours just attempting to create a login screen. My lack of knowledge with Databases and user interface made it difficult to create one. I had to put in a lot of research, experimenting and trial and error in order to make it work. As of now, the login screen can successfully remember a username and password inputted by the user.

What I learned

One important thing that I learnt was the use of the SQLite database in android studio. Before Electric City Hacks, I had no prior knowledge as to how data bases work in android studios. The apps I had made prior had little real world application since no databases were used. In this Hackathon, I spent many hours learning how to create, insert data and read data from a database. I am happy to say that by the end of this Hackathon, I have become very knowledgeable with the SQLite database, and can make apps in the future that incorporate them.

What's next for Uber-for-Coders

For the future I would like to make the android application look more appealing. Currently the colouring and shape of the app is based off of the default options. In the future I would like to experiment with different colours, backgrounds and shapes of the text and buttons in order to make the app look more appealing. More people will want to use the app if it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

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