Everyone wants to have a good time and sometimes these good times go past midnight, aka when Bart and Muni are closed or just sketch. That's where Uber comes to the rescue and makes sure our good time lasts till the time we get home. The Personal Driver experience enhances our overall experience.

There are times, however, when the Surge happens. It becomes a Battlefield of the world vs. the Surge. The Surge happens because demand is high and supply is low and this is to alert Uber drivers that drivers are needed to get on the road. That's where we come in to help mitigate the Surge battle.

Through Uber EvDex: The Event Indexer for Drivers, drivers gain a preview of the type of events happening at different parts of San Francisco with event data provided from Eventbrite. Based on knowing the number of ticket sales, its assumed the higher likelihood of Uber trips from the area of the event. We've also calculated price estimates based on Surge pricing of the likelihood of where many trips go based on the event destination. As a result, Uber drivers can plan out their Uber schedules ahead of time and see where the money is at.

Business Model Proposal: Subscription service to Uber drivers to have access to this data to give them a head start about planning and scheduling where their Uber trips begin.

Next Steps: Filter events based on driver's profile to have a match with the events they are going to. (Example: Filter out the elderly from picking up passengers from raves)

Provide Analytics for Uber to understand where the best places for Uber drivers to go and provide this information

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