UBC Local Hack Day 2018

Let's yeet this yeast boyes

Introducing Apollo, the greatest food bot that you will ever have botted. With this bot, you will be able to finally solve arguments that arise from not being able to find the BEST place to have lunch with the team or your significant other :').

When you ask Apollo to suggest places to eat, it will only look at relevant restaurants that are open and around your location. After the suggestions are provided, users are able to vote using emojis before finally coming up with a decision for where to eat without creating disagreements!


  1. Suggesting restaurants based on keyword, price range, and a user-set location
  2. Lookup details about certain restaurants, either from the returned suggestions or any restaurant by name.
  3. Set your default location. For any workspace, you are able to set your location and Apollo will look for results using this location.


  1. @apollo suggest keyword price_range
  2. @apollo check keyword a. This keyword can either be a number (from the results of suggest) or a restaurant name
  3. @apollo address keyword a. This keyword can be an address, postal code, landmark, or anything that Google can return results with.

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