Student's needs to have a list of all the events available to UBC. Not just the ones we see on Facebook!

What it does

Students: Ever tired of missing an event you wish you heard earlier? Organizers: Ever tired or not getting the word out about your event?

Students: Now you can see ALL UBC events on one convenient page with no registration! Filter by category, and get new updates everyday and never miss that event again. Organizers: Sign up to post your event and let UBC know what awesome event you're hosting.

How we built it

Ember.js and Firebase!!

Challenges we ran into

Ember.js quirky issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the damn thing!

What we learned

New framework from scratch, teamwork, how to not shoot myself in the head. JAVASCRIPT DEBUGGING.

What's next for UBCEvents

Personal addons at home! If people like it, then hopefully it can get big!

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