Vancouver is prone to a number of natural disasters, such as Wildfires, Earthquakes and Hailstorms. We wanted to build an Alexa skill that allows families around the world to quiz themselves on safety procedures on a daily basis.

What it does

UBCcure You, be Secure is an Alexa skill, a "Safety Trivia" that allows users to interact with Alexa, answering five, randomized trivia questions from a database collection. Users can gain points upon getting the correct answer.

How we built it

We built UBCcure with javascript, on Amazon's very own AWS_developer console and _Lambda. We have implemented Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js. We have tested on Amazon's Echo 2.

Challenges we ran into

Encountering unexpected errors that arose in the middle of the night, and happily debugging the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to use and integrate AWS and Lambda in one day. It was our first Hackathon for most of us, and we had a lot of fun working with new technology!

What we learned

We learned that we can do anything, especially when we put our minds into it. Nothing is impossible!!!

What's next for UBCcure

We are planning on making the code open-source with detailed instructions so that anyone around the world can easily access the code and make changes that best suit their needs.

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