Most available GPA calculators rely on the letter grading system. Our project provides students at UBC with easy access to a GPA calculator to keep track of their grades for different terms using the percentage system.

In our design, we allow students to add the number of credits and grade percentage for each course. They can add any number of courses and terms. There is also a sidebar that allows users to customize the fonts of the website and turn to dark mode according to their own preferences.

We used React, HTML, Javascript, and CSS to create the project. Because it’s our team’s first-ever project, we took way longer than expected on different components of the project. For example: the design for the website in CSS was challenging to do. The delete buttons for the course boxes were difficult to implement, so right now the delete buttons are displayed but are not working. Also, for the sidebar, the fonts and dark mode are not working properly. These are the components that can be improved on in the future. Regardless of the setbacks we encountered, this website can still be used by UBC students to easily access and calculate their GPA.

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