Inspired by the burning hunger that resides in the stomachs of all university students, comes UBC FeedMe.

What it does

Scrounges UBC Facebook groups and event pages for events, gatherings, and celebrations that offer any free food or refreshments. Using a keyword searcher in the description of these events, they are filtered and posted onto the web application and sorted by date (soonest to latest).

How We built it

Harnessing the pain of hunger and financial crisis

Used the MEAN stack; MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular 2, Node.js. Begins by using the Facebook Graph API to extract JSON objects of the events, which are filtered and formatted in a Python back-end. Valid free-food events are then stored on MongoDB; these events are then queried by the Node.js back-end which is displayed on the Angular2-built front-end.

Challenges we ran into

Hacking on an eternally empty stomach

Initially chose CockroachDB; resorted to MongoDB for ease of use. Using the Facebook Graph API to retrieve only current and future events. Deploying; must be run locally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The hero that UBC deserves, and definitely the one it needs right now.

(Final product functions as expected; filtered and displayed events offer free food, as desired.)

What we learned

How to strategically sustain yourself on only free food for the entire school year

(How to use: PyMongo, CockroachDB, Docker, Node.js, Facebook Graph API, Angular2)

What's next for UBC FeedMe

Automate the database updating process, integrating Google Maps, stricter filtering.

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