Inspiration: Covid-19 has a huge impact on our daily lives, the economy, and our future normal life. During the pandemic all barbershops, hairdressers, and beauty clinics were forced to shut down, making zero revenue while still paying some operating fees for their businesses (rent, utilities...) and struggling to find means end for their families. On the other hand, people who were staying at home to flatten the curve require hairstyling and other beauty-related services given the period they were locked in, also to lift their mood and spirit up during these difficult times.

What it does: UBarber will allow users to book private hairstyling/beauty sessions at their comfortable and safe homes to avoid large gatherings that are usually found at barbershops and salons. On the other hand, service providers will have profiles that demonstrate their skills and most importantly show that they are using the full PPE required to complete their job in addition to the last time they were tested for Covid-19 and the test result. This platform will also provide an opportunity for those who have beauty & hairdressing skills but they practice it on the side to have a platform that allows them to actually practice their side hustle and generate income and not worrying about the costs associated with establishing a store.

How I built it: I have used my logical thinking & coding knowledge to utilize platforms like Bubble & GoodBarber to build a beta version of how the app will be. I'm looking for a qualified teammate with the right set of skills to help me build the final version of it.

Challenges I ran into: The two major challenges I ran into are finding the right candidate to help me build the final version of this app in addition to having the funding required to make this project come to life.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I have contacted barbers, hairdressers & beauty clinics and clients who require such services and talked to them about the idea of this platform, the feedback that I received was very positive and encouraging to proceed in building this platform. I did a market research analysis to determine the market size and other valuable data that will help in moving this project forward. The beauty & hair salon industry in Canada has a market size of 4 Billion Dollars which is a great marker to tap into. Moreover, I sought feedback about this idea from different entrepreneurs I met during my studies at UoWaterloo, the feedback was also positive and they also provided great tips that will allow me to better execute this project.

What I learned: I learned that this idea is a great opportunity and a window into our future normal life during and after Covid-19. This platform will give many skilled workers in the field of beauty & hair styling the opportunity to work & cope with the changes we are facing. In addition, I expanded my knowledge in building apps through this competition.

What's next for UBarber: Building the final version of the app, marketing, then going to market to collect feedback and enhance it as we go to become a successful business.

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