Why UB Resources

UB Resources was born out of frustration due to the inefficient communication channels used in the university of Buea (UB) where I am currently enrolled. In 2014 you may ask why? Well this is because the students and administration still rely solely on Notice Boards, In Class Announcements and Mouth to Mouth to communicate useful information.

As a student majoring in Computer Engineering, I saw this as a challenge and I was inspired. I had the zeal and determination to help other frustrated students like me by producing an online platform which enables students, administrators and professors to communicate in real-time using primarily their mobile phones, web and email so as to make the learning process a lot easier.

Target Users

Currently, The target users are mainly students in the University of Buea at the moment, It is my greatest intent that this platform is used students in other Universities in Africa and the world at Large.

I also intend that UB resoruces should be an inspiration to other Students all round the world to be able to rise up and solve the problems in their immediate communities rather than waiting for the administrators or government to do so. In the case of Cameroon, the school administrators and the government haven't been doing much so I hope that this platform will serve as a wake up call to other students.

What about Lecturers and Administrators?

Looking at the present state of my University, Most of my lecturers are quite aged and thus very reluctant to change. Most lecturers don't have the zeal and determination to invest time into learning to use these modern educational platforms which were not available at the time in which they were in College.

Key Features of the platform

Presently the platform is still in active development. But a beta version is already out and Students in my faculty have been called opon to test it. Anyone can use the beta version online at https://ubresources.com.

Key features of the beta version include:

  • A gist section to easily communicate news to students.
  • A Timetable section to ensure that students don't miss lectures.
  • Past Exam and Continuous Assessment Question papers.
  • A personalized GPA calculator.
  • A section to facilitate the communication of assignment to students (This is only available for registers users.
  • Provide online assistance to students and people seeking admission into the university of Buea

Why do I need your support

For the past 5 months I have made excellent progress on the platform, and currently have a working "beta" version ready but I have gone as much as my pockets can enable, I need this last push to finish and get the product into the hands of the students and also to get other people to work on this project.

If I win this challenge, my goal we will use the money to:

  • Organize training sessions for more faculties and students.
  • Buy a scanner so I can get more past question papers online
  • Get other developers to be able to work on this project so we could build an android app.
  • Pay for hosting for the site, the domain name and the SSL certificate.
  • Acquiring a local sms short code and tons of bulk sms to ensure that students without smart phones also get real time updates.
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