Most professors take attendance of the classroom by passing around an attendance sheet in order for the students to sign in. However, this brings up many issues. For one, it is extremely inefficient and disruptive, but the main problem is that many students do not go to class but ask their 'buddies' to sign in for them. This is a problem that every professor would like to solve, so my and my teammate, Tomas Torres developed a secure cross-platform application to tackle this issue.

Our app allows a professor to log in via computer and create a classroom on the website. The instructor can then decide to "activate" the classroom and this will begin to display a constanlty-changing QRcode which can be projected in front of the class. These QRcodes are unique and have an expiration time so there is no feasible way that a student would be able to sign in from home.

We built two versions of the app; one on the web for professors to generate their QR code, and one on mobile devices for students to be able to scan the code. The mobile app was developed using the Flutter framework, and the website was built using Flask framework for python.

All in all, we hope that our app is able to serve it's purpose and bring an end to the nonstop troublesome woes of all professors.

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