Tired of responding to nagging messages on facebook?

Sick of people who never reply to your own nagging messages?

What it does

uAI cleverly impersonates you so that your friends will never be without you - and you can never speak to them again!

How we built it

Python, python, and more python. It's efficient right?

Challenges we ran into

50MB text files full of facebook messages take a long time to index.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not only can you generate a chatbot based on yourself, but you can generate one based on any of your friends using your data! Don't do this! It's creepy!

What we learned

Facebook has a legitimately scary amount of data about you. You should probably check up on that.

What's next for uAI

More efficiency, and a web interface so people can generate their bots more easily!

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