Rowen's cousin was using the roommate portal yesterday and was struggling with the options available in UA's current system, and we all remembered our own experiences with UA's roommate finding suite and knew that is was not currently adequate enough.

What it does

Provides incoming freshmen the ability to find a roommate using our convenient survey and our similar algorithm.

How we built it

We used Oracle Apex to build a three-tiered architecture, implementing default templates and customizing CSS for frontend, using backend routing, and creating data tables in SQL.

Challenges we ran into

User input! Primary Key Error. The LOL box. Encryption Struggles And many more!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Password Encryption, Working Algorithm to find roommate similarity index, Compatible with mobile devices, customizable theme.

What we learned

Tyler learned how to write an algorithm and code more than just hello world. We all learned how to create a fully functional web-capable application in a very short period of time.

What's next for UA Transition

UA Transition will become a multifaceted hub for freshmen hoping to use more data integrated with UA such as class schedules and integrate the UA suite.

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