Immer die beste Verbindung

Looking for new friends, work opportunities or a date? Use your commuting time and connect with like-minded people!


Have you been on a boring subway ride? Yes you have. We all have! Instead of just sitting anonymously among strangers we want the BVG customers to connect: We create the BVG community!

How it works

Use your BVG app as usual. But additionally we get a little social here. Just tell us what you are open for:

  • Just a nice casual chat, please.
  • Work opportunities would be great.
  • A date <3
  • Anything else ...

We take care of connecting you to similar passengers. As you ride we show who's next to you. If you two like, start a chat!

Additionally you may add a tag line for your current ride, that's a great conversation starter!

How we built it

Using react-native and a node.js server, we simultaneously built one app for iOS and Android devices. It connects to our (extended) BVG API, allowing us to display real-time status updates and matches.

What's next for U8.connect?

We'd like to integrate our social service into the official BVG app. That would enrich the commuting time of about 1,7 million BVG customers!

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