When we are in college, we know there are lots of events going on. Say I have a break of 1 hour between my 2 classes and I have some free time where i can attend some event going on in campus. Searching about events is always a an overhead. Sometimes search is slow, unavailability of connectivity and may such problems. To overcome this problem, we came up with an idea of getting to know information about events by a phone call.

What it does

Whether events, weather, sports, news, you say, you get all the information at the fingertips

How we built it

We built it using CISCO API Tropo, Created JSON files for various events. We build the entire application on php

Challenges we ran into

Integration of JSON parser with Tropo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made it easy for everyone to access, works offline, no need of internet connectivity. Now all events are just a phone call away

What we learned

We learned how we could solve our problems in 24 hours. These are some major problems which we need to address. We learned about CISCO APIs

What's next for U-Talk

-Live Data Streaming like baseball scores, soccer, cricket, etc -Prospective E-commerce IVR system for technologically challenged and visually impaired

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