I am part of a volunteering service at my local library. We tutor students for free and help them understand and retain knowledge. Several of the students that I have tutored recently are interested in learning about the presidents of the United States. This skill is to make learning fun and exciting for younger students.

What it does

This Alexa skill interacts with the user and gives them information on all of the past presidents of the United States. The user can ask for information about a specific president, their years of presidency, and to take a quiz on the presidents.

How I built it

I built my Alexa skill by creating a Lambda function and an Alexa skills kit in the Amazon developer portal.

Challenges I ran into

During the development of my Alexa skill, I ran into several challenges. One of these challenges was facing several syntax and logical errors which I had to solve by researching online and sifting through Github.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I received a scholarship to attend Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in 2017, at the age of 12. Attending the conference was an eye-opener to me. I noticed the lack of younger students in the technological industry. I was also exposed to Apple’s Playgrounds just a couple of weeks before the scholarship application deadline, as that was the medium required to develop an application on. WWDC was a great way to meet people from other countries and interact with other students in the computer science industry. Thankfully, I was privileged to be exposed to programming at a young age, which I strongly believe played a role in my immediate passion for the subject. My goal is to ensure that my peers have that same early exposure, so I created an iOS app development club at the middle school that I attend to get young girls and boys interested in the subject by revealing the true beauty of coding. I am using Apple’s Playgrounds as a tool to initially teach my peers basic, fundamental programming concepts because they are engaging and promote self-taught programming.

What I learned

Leading up to this competition, I have learned how to create Alexa skills, Lambda functions, and Javascript.

What's next for Presidents of America

Based on user feedback, I plan on adding new features and facts about each of the presidents.

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