We got too tired of watching out government taking commands from special interest groups and corrupt corporations and decided to do something about it. Our platform enables the citizens of the United States, especially our generation, to have our government actually act upon the decisions of its constitutions.

We are dedicated to this project no matter where it takes us.

The program was built as a webpage. We spent most of our time learning about the problem and how to legally and correctly approach it. We also talked to and learned from as many mentors as possible. Unfortunately, due to the magnitude of the project, we were unable to complete any coding aspect but rather have several incomplete parts.

The challenges associated with this project consisted of oscillating levels of functionality for some of the blockchain aspects of the project.

Both of our computers suffered from wifi problems so we were largely unable to access APIs and finish our website, that being said our idea largely evolved and is now a project that we will certainly continue after this Hackathon.

We are planning on finishing and releasing the project within a year.

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