I was inspired because I believe education is the key to progress, and sex education is inconsistent and sparse in the US.

What it does

Comprehensive sex ed, powered by user submissions, comments, and chats.

How I built it

I used html5 in cloud nine to create the front-end in addition to various back end software.

Challenges I ran into

I started this hackathon with three other girls and am finishing alone. This forced me to drastically change my idea and plan, but I ultimately learned more than I might have otherwise.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an IRC network and server!

What I learned

I CAN do it alone!

What's next for U R Sexy

Getting funded, creating a userbase, and recruiting writers. The next steps are to buy the domain name, integrate disqus, completely wire the site, fix the UI, and build a team

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