Can a software be Romantic? Romantic like moonlight, Romantic like Fur Elise music, Romantic like U!

Yes, it can be!! Team Rapture brings 'U&Me' world’s most Romantic software in human history! A gift from Team Rapture for all the people who are in love.

You and your partner will carry a part of heart on both of your iPhone (Like the old classic days, when people used to wear part of a heart in a locket). This heart will be matched and only be matched when these two iPhone come closer and touches each other. And only after HEARTLOCK, they will be able to store that special moment with both of their thought and this memory will be kept on EVERNOTE, Forever Ever After.

So it means, whenever something special happens in between you two and both of you would like to store that moment forever, what you have to do is to bring both of your iPhone closer and touches each other to do HeartLock and after that you two will be able to store your thought in Evernote.

In love, there are few memories...few words...few moments that never can be forgotten. U&Me makes those moments live forever.... Some memories are also remarkable in future that you might discover how precious your past days were! If you experience this and you have wished to capture those moments forever then you are in the right place. With the power of Evernote, U&Me provides you the artistic way to capture your memorable note and kept them forever...ever after. .


  • Enjoy HeartLock with your loved one using iPhone.
  • Elegant and intuitive user interface.
  • Remember your special moments by storing memories into evernote.
  • How often you use U&Me will reflect on your heart color.It means LESS HeartLocking will make your heart MORE colorless!

U&Me application is unlike any app on the market –As the pair of two iPhone makes unique combination of the loving couple as like the unique pair of you and your loved one. No other iPhone can match that heart except you and your loved one's iPhone.

REQUIREMENTS Compatible with iPhone. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Note Just in case if you are unable to do the HeartLock, we suggest you to kill the application, turn off your bluetooth and turn back on and restart app. Don't think that your love isn't Pure!

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