For EV driver it is very important to find exactly charging station that he was looking for. Because there are different types of charging stations, different connectors, operators. On low power station it needs the whole night to charge battery and on fast (superchargers) you can charge 80% of battery in 20 min.

What it does: U lectric, help people who drive electric vehicle, to find charging station. You can find on different criteria:

  • nearest chargers
  • filter by power
  • filter by connectors
  • find chargers in other cities
  • filter by operators.

U lectric will find all information about charging station: name, connector types, number of connectors, location, pricing and other usefull information that help to choose charging station what user was looking for.

And if you are using U lectic from your phone, tablet, or in build car (device that support geo location and navigation system), U lectric not only find the charging station but also build a route to it and show it on your navigation system.

How I built it

U lectric was build with the help of Alexa Conversations, Intents and Java sdk.

Challenges I ran into

There were challenges with delegation and with navigation part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that navigation is working, because there was no missing objects in sdk, so I had to implement it by myself on back end side to be able to show user navigation to charging station.

What I learned

I learned how to use alexa conversation

What's next for U lectric

As next we will try to add integration with new service to increase quantity of charging stations that U lectric have access to.

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