Healthcare knowledge is very crucial in everyone's lives. What if we made the information easily accessible through smart voice devices, phones, and computers?

What it does

It educates people about some of the most common diseases and symptoms to look for and how to seek help. The probability of certain disease can be predicted based on responses (For project purposes only). We also included information on women empowerment (Challenge).

How We built it

We built the voice application on VoiceFlow. The clean and modern design with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The chat widget on the website and Facebook messenger service are based on AIML.

Challenges We ran into

Diseases can be complex and we had to combine coding and reliable medical information together to make a cohesive product. It was also difficult to path every possible conversation based for our voice app and AIML program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a very clean and modern website that is easy to understand the different aspects of our product. The conversations we programmed through different methods are very helpful with medical facts and women empowerment.

What We learned

We learned about VoiceFlow and how to make conversations more fluid. Context awareness can help applications become smarter.

What's next for U-Health

Our goal is to have more diseases and symptoms to educate everyone on. Also, to work with doctors and nurses to ensure we have the most accurate and reliable information.

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