Text art is very popular but I found very few professional online tools to make typography design. So I built this for those who want to play with designing text.

How it works

Add typography text with beautiful fonts and split them, equalize or aligning them easily so that user can design with text very fast. User can add image, svg, background, gradients and can play with huge number of text properties.

Technology Used

I use bootstrap for GUI, fabricjs for text related properties and manipulation, completely client-side using latest javascript technology like HTML5 etc.


I had lot's of challenge to make this app like splitting text into multiple lines, equalize words with various length and aligning text blocks, updating coordinates of text blocks and color changing of each characters separately which are the main features need for typography design.

What I learned

I learn more deeply about fabricjs and bootstrap.

Future Plans

I have plan to add advanced features like patterns for text, redo undo feature, layers in the near future.

Built With

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