In our final year of high school, anxiety and stress consumed our daily lives as we scrambled to apply to many different post-secondary institutions. We are two very academically driven students, so we have always wanted to aim for prestigious universities to foster our hunger for knowledge. While we were considering to pursue schools in the United States, we realized that a part of the SAT requires students to know a vast amount of difficult vocabulary, noticing that this puts tremendous stress on students who find it hard to concentrate on expanding their vocabulary (and typing skills). Thus, we decided to embed a 300-word list from the SAT practice website into our game.

What it does

Our game requires the player to accurately type a word randomly chosen from a 300-word list from the SAT practice website within 3 seconds. Every word typed accurately and within the time limit awards them with a point. If the player does not succeed, the game ends with the score displayed below the text field.

How I built it

We used HTML as well as JavaScript to code our web app using the text editor, Visual Studio. Our code is inspired and derived from a YouTube tutorial made by Traversy Media.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was trying to find a host for our server. Since we are not aiming for profit, it was hard to find a free host. The host website we chose also required us to embed our entire JavaScript code into our HTML file.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The biggest accomplishment that we are proud of is how clean it looks and we got it to actually work.

What I learned

We learned that we could accomplish a lot of things by only using two very basic programming languages, and we learned a lot more in-depth about web development.

What's next for Typograph

Perhaps expanding the game so that players can see a leaderboard from across the world, and to implement settings so that the user can change the amount of time needed to type a word.

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