Dermatomyositis is an uncommon disease characterized by muscle weakness and a skin rash. The condition can affect adults and children. The condition can wax and wane in severity. The treatment needs to be adjusted accordingly. I believe (this is just a hypothesis) that the typing pattern may change based on the activity of the disease. As a dermatologist who has seen such patients, I strive to change their lives with technology.

What it does

It periodically records typing patterns and plots changes from a baseline.

How I built it

  • A simple POC using Node, Express, Sqlite, Pug, Chartjs, typingdna.js, /match endpoint
  • Took only a few hours to complete

Challenges I ran into

I noticed that tdna.addTarget(XXX), mysteriously truncates the typing pattern, but it works fine when there is no target field. Thanks to Madalina and Adrian for quick replies.

What I learned

TypingDNA is innovative and userfriendly

What's next for Typingdna eHealth

Integration with personal health records.

Built With

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