We developed the idea of a typing game from Thorton's insane typing speed. Our deep dive into the bleeding edge into modern day trends reveal that typing is an essential skill for everyone to have.

What it does

We have a program that adapts to your typing skill. It targets your weakness as a typist and allows you to make major improvements to your skill. Before Typing Game!, there was no way to improve your typing skill without expensive classes. We are revolutionizing not only the typing industry but also the keyboard industry.

How we built it

Typing Game! ^tm uses state-of-the art high level dynamic technology to implement an interface that guarantees results! If you don't improve your typing speed one year after consistent training with our proprietary software, we will give you your money back guaranteed.

Challenges we ran into

The creative process was a huge struggle. We also had trouble implementing a collaborative software to allow us to code in real time together. Learning how to manipulate high level libraries was an enjoyable struggle. Our software, unfortunately, is not compatible with 4k screens. We hope to resolve this in the new balance patch, as we want to ensure fair gameplay. We were unable to provide an exe of our glorious program due to technical issues; however, the source code is available and can be easily run.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of bringing the most innovative product of the century for the everyday user.

What we learned

We learned the benefits of the power of friendship. We learned that we could use eclipse to code together with a special modification called Soras which we spent two hours trying to figure out-- not because we aren't competent enough but because we want to emphsaize team collaboration. Thank you Soras, very cool!

What's next for Typing Game!

We hope to change the world with our innovation and release a second game in the future. We are nothing without the support of all of our users. Depending on the commercial success of Typing Game! 1, we will have no choice but to please our fans with a version 2.

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