We wanted to make a head to head party game that is challenging, addictive, and fun. We need to stop the boring parties!

What it does

People go head to head in a typing challenge. The faster a user types, the faster their opponent’s drink fills up. Once a drink fills to the top, the loser drinks and the winner gains bragging rights (the foundation of any great party game).

How we built

Mainly, we used glue, paper clips, and elbow grease. But also Meteor (<3), ecmascript, cordova, stylus and some help of this open source project built by daschwa

Challenges we ran into:

During the testing phase, everyone got too drunk.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our team came together under a tight deadline.

What we learned:

We learned it is best to implement the idea of “feature freeze” early on. More often than not, the first and simplest idea is the one you end up having the time to build.

What’s next for Typezy

So much! We are going to build out further features, polish the brand, and launch a huge social media campaign to make all parties of the world fun again.

Packages used

blaze-html-templates session
crosswalk reactive-var kadira:flow-router kadira:blaze-layout stylus fortawesome:fontawesome accounts-twitter accounts-base service-configuration particle4dev:cordova-fb ongoworks:security accounts-password astrocoders:geolocation digilord:faker@=1.0.6 raix:handlebar-helpers

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