React was new to the team and was a large and new technology that was a little unfamiliar. Learning its quirks wasn't easy and were often a side effect of doing something fatally wrong in the project.


We were however experienced in writing APIs, calling APIs, and using databases. We wrote our own API for the website to call. Our own API called a lyrics API to fetch lyrics and metadata about a sound the user wanted to listen to.

Hosting with Google Cloud

We were new to hosting too, but none of us had any experience with Google cloud. Needless to say, it was painless and easy. We have our API, our website, and our SQL database hosted there.

We had a blast!

We accomplished a lot and surprised ourselves. We have never worked together on a project before but it worked out very well. We all excelled in certain parts of the project to create an awesome finished result.

Links to Code

Here are links to the API written in python and the React website repository.

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