What it does

A dating website built by programmers, for programmers. Users complete coding challenges and have their code, primarily their code style, compared with other users to evaluate their compatibility. Then users can accept and decline their given matches in a tinder-esqe manner.

How we built it

The front-end is written with python and flask. The autograding portion for the coding challenge was written in python. The compatibility evaluation portion was written in SML.

Challenges we ran into

Website hosting was a big issue near the end of the hackathon. We tried various different hosting platforms, but in the end we weren't able to get the website up and running for other users to try. Combining the pipeline together, such as combining the backend and frontend together was also a challenge to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get a rough, working implementation of our idea. The last step would be to publish the website for other users to try and get matches.

What we learned

We learned alot about website design as well as the interaction between the front end and the back end.

What's next for typematch

Adding a chat feature for matched users, displaying compatibility percentages, fleshing out coding challenge system and compatibility systems.

Built With

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