Code Typewriter is a game heavily inspired by TypeRacer, in which the user is timed on how quickly they can correctly type a block of text. In TypeRacer, however, the text is plain English; your typing speed in TypeRacer might not accurately show your typing speed while programming because of the various characters and symbols present in popular programming languages.

What it does

TypeWriter fixes this problem that we face in TypeRacer- you type code, not English. You are prompted with a snippet of code (in this case, JavaScript), and then timed on how fast you can type in this code block. It will calculate your speed, and average words typed per minute.

How we built it

  • Frontend gameplay and UI built with React and JavaScript
  • Backend REST API developed with Python and FastAPI
  • Data held and persisted in a FaunaDB document database

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with new technologies (Fauna, Python, and React)
  • Dealing with syntactic differences across users/languages
  • Time zone differences

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have a working game that you can play to test your typing skills!
  • Learning new technologies and implementing them in our game
  • Nice looking frontend game, with timed gameplay

What we learned

  • FaunaDB and NoSQL databases in general were new for our team
  • FastAPI was a new framework for most of the team
  • React was also a new framework for some of the team members
  • Time management and collaboration across timezones

What's next for Type-Writer

  • Multiplayer Functionality
  • Scoreboard
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Login/Auth
  • Invite Friends

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