Project for SLO HACKS 2019


Party games like Jackbox and existing typeracer games.

What it does

Users all connect to a room and race to achieve the fastest words per minute. Each user is given a set of 3 very distracting abilities to sabotage their opponents. To unlock a skill, the user must first achieve a certain amount of points.

How We built it

Each user connects to Firebase's real-time database, so everything is done clientside - no server necessary. Basically, we built this entire game with HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Firebase.

Challenges We ran into

We ran into a lot of problems. We had trouble understanding how Firebase's set of tools can be used. All the asynchronous functions we had going on created a lot of issues for us. Integrating client-side Javascript code with the necessary Firebase read/write functions was also a pain.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of creating a serverless real-time multiplayer game!

What We learned

We learned that Firebase can be great but also can be super annoying.

What's next for TypeTypeRevolution

We want to include more abilities, as well as the option for users to be able to choose which set of abilities that we like to have in their arsenal during gameplay.

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