Word-Tris, like its name suggests, is inspired by the famous game Tetris-99 as well as online speed typing games such as TypeRacer. We wanted to combine the competitive aspect of Tetris-99, where playing well hinders your opponent, and the challenge that speed typing offers. Hence, we came up with the 2 player competitive speed typing game, Word-Tris

What it does

Word-Tris is an intense 1v1 typing game that draws inspiration from TypeRacer and Tetris. Send "garbage" to the other person by typing perfectly in quick succession - and clear your garbage by making "combos".

Game Rules

2 players can connect to the same room using an unique room name and compete for the title of best and most accurate typist. Whenever a player spells a word correctly, their error bar decreases by one. However, if they misspell the word or take too long, the bar increments instead. The twist is that whenever a player scores a combo of 5 words, the opponent's next few words will be partially obscured, testing their vocabulary and memory. The player who maxes their error bar first loses. The games are fast but intense, providing a challenge to even skilled typists.

How we built it


React (create-react-app)


Express (for server to serve websockets)


The core of our hack, allows users to play remotely against other players.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting Web sockets to work properly
  • Having to jump a lot between the React front-end and the Express back-end
  • Having to convert an entire component to a class-based one to fix a problem

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • First time using Web Sockets to build a working project
  • 0 external modules for UI!
  • Organised and neat code

What we learned

  • Real-time stuff is hard
  • Organised code makes things easier

What's next for Word-tris

  • More than two players
  • Different game modes
  • Improving the UI
  • Game balancing
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