My team went through meetings in discord to familiarize ourselves with the hackathon and discussed what to expect from a hackathon, and what project idea to focus on. We looked through the prize categories and decided that we want to qualify with as many prize categories as possible that led us to focus on the gaming category because of the amount of content we can stack up and because our skillset with python gave us that hope to have a finished game by 24 hours. The team came up with the idea of a modified version of a typer racer. But instead of typing against other people or an AI, we changed it up that for every successful input of the player in the textbox, it allowed the character to damage the enemy, and for every unsuccessful input or r lets the timer resets, it damages the character's health bar. This project idea became possible with the team knowing python for programming the backend of the program, and enough resources to self-teach for Tkinter to develop a GUI which ultimately inspired us to go through this idea for the hackathon

What it does

. The game has the player objective of eliminating enemies by typing arbitrary words that will be displayed on a display label into a text box. The player will gain points for every enemy eliminated. The game gets progressively harder as the player eliminates more enemies.

How we built it

The project is a game developed through Python and Tkinter. Python was used for the backend of the game such as developing the damage system, health system, word generator, etc. Tkinter was used for the front end of the game to provide a physical and interactive experience for the player through the use of widgets, functions

Challenges we ran into

Our team came across a lot of roadblocks. The frontend team came into a lot of problems at the beginning that led to slow progress in developing a GUI. The slow progress definitely demoralized and caused a lot of frustration to the frontend team at the beginning of the hackathon. For the backend team, implementing the program to the actual GUI was frustrating because of the consistent error that was being returned that led to a ton of trial and error in order for it to function together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For the front-end team, learning Tkinter in a short amount of time while developing their first GUI for a game brought a lot of joy when the GUI came up as expected for the front-end team. For the backend team, consistently using python during the 24-hour event brought new information through the challenges they have come across when developing the game. For the whole team, this would become the first and most invested collaborative project that they have participated in, which will surely bring real-life experience which will prepare us to be career-ready.

What we learned

For the Frontend team, Tkinter was heavily used in developing the GUI for the game. LinkedIn learning became a clutch for this project because a course specifically for Tkinter was offered that gave a lot of knowledge when it comes to developing a GUI with Tkinter. The backend learned about modules and classes because the team is fortunate to have a team member more experienced in programming in python to teach the team about it Overall, everyone on the team has spent a considerable amount of time using python to develop the program that

What's next for Type(Quest)

Making the game into a discord bot would be a fun innovation for Type(Quest), or making the game multiplayer where you can challenge your friends to see who can eliminate the other character first by typing the fastest. Adding bonus rounds that changes the style of the game by adding time-limited bonuses that require you to take look away from the main display and instead type in a word pop up for a chance to receive a bonus would also be a cool addition to the game if this is innovated

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