Help users practice typing skills and ultimately improve typing speed and accuracy in a fun environment.

What it does

It is a typing game where the player must type specific words in order to damage the dangerous snake and survive.

How we built it

We divided specific tasks within our group. We used Unity and C# to program the game and for the player models, we installed free sprite sheets online.

Challenges we ran into

All our members are beginners in programming and it was very frustrating at times to figure out a way to execute specific sophisticated commands.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our members programmed the typing mechanism essential to the game. Generally, each member felt very proud when the task they were working on succeded and we are extremely proud that our game functions with all the desired features.

What we learned

We learned the basic features of Unity and C#.

What's next for Type Fighter

We wish to improve this game and publish it online for other people to enjoy.

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