Tykönä - Beside was inspired by the core values of Marimekko that is joy and self-expression.

What it does

Using AR, Marimekko, the company, can put virtual content all over the world and users can visit these locations to see the virtual content and get awarded by coins that can be used later to get discounts from the Marimekko shops. Sine Marimekko is also about self-expression, we made it possible for the users to also put their virtual content which we like to call "emblem" anywhere they want. Users get emblems by either buying Marimekko products or buying them using coins. Placing an emblem next to an existing one will provide the user with some coins depending on how many nearby emblems are there.

How I built it

We built the AR functionality in UnityD, a popular 3D cross platform engine which allows us to export the app to many platforms such as Android and iOS. To track the user's camera we used Kudan SDK which provides powerful tools for tracking the users camera without the need of any predfine markers, this allows the app to be scalable.

Challenges I ran into

We spent most our time trying to understand both the Marimekko values and its customers. This gave us insights about the functionalities needed. Implementing and designing the prototype was fairly easy since our team consist of designers and programmers.

Built With

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