Although, there are too many todo applications on the internet, they are very limited. Txtro is more like your personal assistant, which obeys whatever you say and also doesn't ,necessarily , rely on internet. Txtro also has lot of services where you can subscribe to get notifications via SMS.

How it Works

You could subscribe to alerts/reminders from your dashboard. You can also set reminders right from your mobile by sending a simple SMS to +122 580-08040 (US) / +44 793-794-792-7 (Others)


Using Txtro requires a onetime sign up where we note few details like your time zone, mobile number etc. Using it is very simple. You could either set reminders online or you could just text them to the following numbers as free text.

  • +122 580-08040 (US)
  • +44 793-794-792-7 (Others)

To set a reminder for a party:

  SMS Remind me to attend Amy's party on 5th August 7am 

Reminder to meet Mike:

   SMS Remind me to meet Mike tomorrow at 6pm 

Birthday Reminder:

   SMS Set a reminder for Mike's Birthday on 29 july 

Other features Include:

  • Gmail Alerts : Get an SMS when you receive a mail from your contacts.
  • Google Calendar : Get notified of your events via SMS.
  • Stock Monitoring : Monitor your favorite stocks & get notified of the updates.
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