txt2wrk helps parolees, homeless, and other job seekers compete on a more level playing field by providing text-to-speech delivery of job postings on any mobile phone. With txt2wrk, job seekers are alerted to new job postings, can listen to job descriptions, and apply for jobs, 24 hours a day, all without a connection to the internet. Employers gain access to a previously untapped pool of labor, while local workforce development and social service agencies can fulfill their mandate to connect employers with motivated job seekers.Initially developed in Oakland to help parolees, txt2wrk has great potential to empower anyone with low literacy, limited vision, low technological literacy, or limited access to technology or broadband, including immigrants, survivors of domestic violence, and those without permanent addresses. The txt2wrk app is fully customizable and integrates with existing workflows within local workforce development agencies and social service agencies. These agencies can in turn select employers and employment opportunities best suited for the populations they serve.

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