Inspiration - I felt that what are the top companies that have gained a lot of users and have

Made a lot of progress in reaching out to users. I leveraged my data analysis skills and knowledge and found that there is something missing in lot of application which was leading them to less user in long term.

What it does- My plan of Twvid is the solution which can be made better with me talking with people who deal with the real world and have knowledge of the present time

How I built it - #twvid can be built using Java and kotlin.

Challenges I ran into - Looking to the recent trend which people are engaged and enjoy doing.

The challenge is keeping the user liking the application and visiting it with will or without will. The challenge will be collecting user data and processing it so that we have known when to start and stop.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - The dream is of seeing an icon added to the Twitter UI with name twvid.

What I learned - That real money is not something that everyone can know about. Why is it that only 1 percent of the people earn as equal as 99% of the people.

The maths is not that easy. Today money is data. People have it use it but do not know nothing about it.

What's next for Twvid - Collaboration with other product Manager just like me withe the growth mindset so that we could be able to make Twitter the best of its kind.

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