I love twitter and I love the command-line. I wanted to be able to use twitter (check my timeline and compose tweets) quickly where I spend most of my time, in the terminal.

What it does

twttr is a minimalistic twitter TUI client that allows you to use twitter in the terminal.

How we built it

Using Go and Charm technologies like Bubble Tea and Lip Gloss

Challenges we ran into

OAuth authentication was challenging to implement so instead of building my own client I decided to depend on twurl which is a curl-like library for twitter which handles all the authentication so that I could focus on building the client.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

twttr is not a simple clone of the twitter website in the terminal. It is thought out from the ground up so that it works better for the command line. For example, you can only see one tweet at a time and use keybindings to navigate around the application, since most command-line users prefer keyboard navigation as opposed to mouse-based navigation.

What we learned

  • Authentication is difficult.
  • How to build multi-page terminal applications with navigation.

What's next for Twttr

I want to add favouriting and retweeting directly from the command-line and add more features to make it have feature parity with the web application such as viewing images directly in the terminal, etc...

Also, instead of simply being a terminal application, I would love to also add more command-line functionality such as being able to tweet with a single command and open certain pages directly for quicker use.

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