We always find that it can be hard to find tutors easily, and we also know that there are definitely people that could use our help, but we can't find them. Our proposed Web App solves both these problems at once.

What it does

The app connects people that need help in certain areas with people that have strengths in the same areas. The user will create an account and specify what courses they feel they have the ability to tutor in and which ones they need help with. Users can then join a "help queue" that notifies tutors that someone needs help in their particular subjects. Tutors and students can then join a chatroom to talk about the issue at hand.

How we built it

Initially we split into the frontend team and backend team, working separately to develop the two faces of the app. When we were ready, we merged the two and worked as a group to resolve any bugs that arose from the merge. The frond end was written using primarily React.js, while the backend what written primarily in Python (Flask) and Postgresql.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest roadblocks were dealing with cookies and lining up the front and back ends. Since we worked separately at the start, it took a lot of time to merge the front and back end because we needed to match things such as variable names and requests and responses. We had a big issue with CORS because our backend server was running on a different computer than the front end. We persevered for a few hours and was able to solve our issue and continue development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon for two members of the group, and one of those members had little to no experience with React.js, Flask, and Postgresql. This means that we overcame a lot of challenges that helped us grow as programmers. There was a time last night where we were unsure if we would be able to have a working product at all, but we were all proud to fix our issues as a group and get a working application for the presentation.

What we learned

Similar to our accomplishments, some of us learned new languages and technologies, and we all learned the value of knowing what we were going to write before hand. We had a vague idea of what we were going to do, but we all agree that next time, we should definitely make some models and make more extensive plans for hosting our server and knowing what technologies we will use.

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