TwoSense is based on an Intel Edison board. It measures ambient temperature as the average across two temperature sensors for increased accuracy. It displays this on an LCD screen along with the optimal temperature.

This was initially intended to measure the temperature of yeast during fermentation, as the yeast enzymes work at an optimal temperature of 32.3ºC. If the temperature of the fermentation solution deviates from 32.3ºC, the yeast's enzymes do not ferment sugars as well as possible, resulting in lost money as the alcohol produced from fermentation takes longer to produce, so more energy has to be supplied to produce this alcohol.

I wanted to send these temperatures to Microsoft Azure so I could do some data analytics and machine learning to keep the temperature as close to the optimal temperature as often as possible, but ran out of time. To control the temperature specifically, I would need to add a Peltier to the circuit.

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