Its needless to say that crime rates, road accidents and other major serious issues are increasing day by day especially in big cities. Therefore, to overcome this issue this app will allow them to grab instant help from their contacts in their time of need.

What it does

This app will send the user's message with current location to user's contact list which was saved in app's contact list. Users can also call or delete from this list.

How we built it

It is built using react-native, react-navigation, react-native-geolocation, firebase, nodejs, express and courier api.

Challenges we ran into

I have to build, deploy and create apk file of this project which i never done before and it was a great experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created a fullstack project, deployed nodejs app, integrated firebase and courier api, and generated apk file to complete this project.

What we learned

Learned about geolocation and courier api integration to send email and sms, Also learned how to deploy a nodejs app and generate an apk.

What's next for Two step safety app

I am going to improve the user interface and performance of the app.

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