Two Minute Morning

💡 Inspiration

The notion of our project was inspired by the two-minute morning rule formulated by Neil Pasricha, author of the best-selling book "The Book of Awesome."
Every single day, start your day by answering 3 simple prompts -

  1. I will focus on
    This exercise helps break down giant projects into simple tasks for eg a non-existent exercise regime becomes going for a 10-minute walk at lunch and helps you beat procrastination and boosts productivity.
  2. I am grateful for
    Research has shown writing down gratitudes makes you happier and physically healthier. It has to be tiny, specific things, not something generic.
    Like A car drives by me on the street, slush comes onto the sidewalk and it completely misses me. My Pants are okay.
  3. I will let go of
    This comes from the research Don't look back in anger.
    If you can crystallize and eject your worries through the power of writing them down, you actually remove them. Similar to the catholic confession chamber idea.

So we are here to increase your happiness and productivity this New Year

💻 What it does

The web app allows users to keep track of their mental health. You add the thing that you are grateful for and the list out the points you want to get rid off. This daily practice will allows you to impact positively in your life.

⚙️ How we built it

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Backend: Django
  • Linode: hosting and storage
  • Twilio: Sending email and SMS

☁️ Use of Linode

We have a dedicated Linode server for our backend. We use it for hosting our website and for storing our data. Linode Block Storage allows users to extend our server storage capacity with volumes on demand. Linode Backup allows us to back up their servers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis which makes it easy and efficient. Linode allows users to manage multiple server instances across a single system.

📧 Use of Twilio

We used Twilio to send whatsapp messages to our users as a reminder to complete the tasks. Twilio allows us to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.

🧠 Challenges we ran into

  • The biggest challenge was to complete the tasks on time and during New Year's eve.

🏅 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completing all these features in just two days.

📖 What we learned

  • Collaboration and teamwork.
  • Completing all these features in just two days is another.

🚀 What's next for

  • Adding more features.
  • Improving UI
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