Users want a simple & fast login system and may not have Facebook, google, twitter, etc. A simpler, faster, auth system that anyone can use. The primary target market for this would be a restaurant ordering website where users infrequently visit the page and the restaurant really only needs a phone number to confirm an order is valid.

What it does

Developers use our CDN to plug into login button on their page. Users then enter their phone number and get a pin number in return. They then enter their pin number on the page and are either presented a password field if they already have an account or a registration page if they do not. Once their password or registration has been authenticated they are then given an authorization token to the developers website. NICE!

How we built it

Node.js hosted on AWS Beanstalk talks to both the client and our AWS DynamoDB

Challenges we ran into

We weren't planning on Node.js being as complicated as it ended up being, or AWS having complex permissions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our lack of experience with the chosen technologies couldn't slow down our creative genius juices!

What we learned

We learned Node.js and all about the vast AWS services available

What's next for Two Guys One Text Message Authentication System

Adding features and better backend security!

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